About the company

Paying your employees on time is top priority and Certified Payroll Solutions is here to help you
process regular, state, federal and union wages accurately! Whether you are big or small we will meet your
needs so that you can spend your valuable time making money vs. trying to figure out what to pay your employees.

We will also file your taxes on time and send you confirmation when its done so that you do not have to worry about late payments, penalties or interests. We will handle all communication with the IRS to resolve any issues or inquiries efficiently.

standard payroll

Fast, easy and accurate allowing you to spend more time on your business. Paying your employees with checks or direct deposit.

certified payroll

Our software creates certified payroll records in XML format that is compatible with the DIR for submitting certified payroll records.

tax services

All returns and reconciliation reports
are submitted automatically on your behalf while you receive file copies for your records.

prevailing wage

We specialize in prevailing wage making sure you are paying your employees the correct wages and fringes. We will create and upload your certified reports to the Department of  Industrial Relations to make sure you are in compliance, saving you time and penalty fees. Prevailing wage can be a little tedious but you do not have to worry because our experts will guide you through everything you need to know!

Clarissa Wolman

"Certified Payroll Solutions goes above and beyond. Always consistent and helpful"

Lora Spielberg

"The best! I am so thankful for all that Melissa does for my small business. When we started to grow and keeping on top of filing deadlines, forms, payroll, etc."

Christopher Brown

"The best payroll company we have ever used! They were able to make the complicated process of certified payroll a breeze. Helpful, knowledgeable, and very good at what they do"

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